regi Registration in Noclegi-SMS service

Registration in Noclegi-SMS service

By registering, you get access to all offers on the site. Our service recognizes users on their telephone numbers, because can be used also via SMS. Enter number with country directional. 48 dla Polski, czyli 48xxxxxxxxx (gdzie x to cyfry).
Gender:  Male   Woman Set correct words alteration.
Cell phone number: *   Login and user recognition by SMS.
User name: * Signature for comments and login that replaces telephone number.
Password: *   For web login.
Retype password: *  
First name: Sent with phone number in SMS while making reservations.
Also used while sending e-mail to you.
E-mail address: To send you some e-mail info.
Agreement for processing: *  Yes  Private data protection.
* field must be filled

Private data protection (short of Privacy Policy)

1. All prersonal data entered into service are protected. They will not be sold nor made available to other persons or organizations. Dane są przekazywane wyłącznie wzajemnie użytkownikom serwisu (stronom umowy) w ramach rezerwacji noclegu.

2. Polityka prywatności może zostać zmieniona, jednak zmiana nie może naruszyć punktu 1.

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